Dog in Farm

Has your dog previously stayed at Glassthorpe Luxury Dog Hotel? We’re now offering one day FREE boarding when you refer someone to us!


To take advantage of our referral scheme, simply ask your friend to tell us you referred them on booking, and we will apply a £30 discount to your account after their pet has stayed.



  1. The Glassthorpe Luxury Dog Hotel (GLDH) referral scheme is open and available to all existing customers of GLDH. (“the referee”).

  2. The referee is eligible to receive a £30 discount off any new booking, if they refer a person who makes and honours a booking at GLDH with a value of £60 or more.

  3. In order for the referee to be eligible to receive the referral gift, the referred person must give the name of their referee to GLDH on booking. The referee will be eligible to receive the referral gift after the referred person honours their booking. After the referred person has honoured their booking, GLDH will notify the referee of their eligibility and apply a £30 credit to their account for use with any new booking.

  4. The referee will not be eligible to receive the referral gift in the event that the referred person cancels their booking.

  5. GLDH reserves the right to end this referral scheme at any point at their discretion.

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