Rain or Shine


Set within 16 acres of glorious Northamptonshire countryside, Glassthorpe Luxury Dog Hotel not only has two dedicated play paddocks but two separate fields sitting on top of "Riding Hill" with outstanding views of the surrounding area.

All play paddocks are securely fenced and provide various features to provide mental stimulation. The paddocks are designed as areas in which groups of dogs can play together. However we do understand that not all dogs are socially minded and therefore we do use the areas for one-to-one play.


Whilst we encourage off-lead walks in the fields, we also use recall lines and extendable leads to ensure that all dogs get the exercise they need.

Whatever their needs, we’ll make sure that your furry friend has plenty of playtime outside. Whether we’re playing a game of fetch or they’re socialising in the paddocks, your pets will never be bored with the assortment of outdoor games and activities that we have up our sleeve. 



Glassthorpe Luxury Dog Hotel was designed and purpose-built by specialists within the Animal Boarding Industry. Our accommodation is completely state-of-the-art to ensure that guests remain not only physically safe and secure, but emotionally happy and stimulated.

Each of the 16 rooms feature an individual indoor sleeping area and outdoor play area. Sleeping areas feature non-slip tiles, double glazed, full height windows and doors, underfloor heating and serene music playing at low volume. 

Within the main building we have a large, open reception area. We use this room to not only meet-and-greet clients but as an indoor area for one-on-one play/cuddle time with our guests.